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The Ultimate Guide: Hand Grips For Your CrossFit Workouts

Updated: Jan 6

In the world of CrossFit, where intensity and versatility reign supreme, the importance of hand protection cannot be overstated. CrossFit workouts encompass a wide range of exercises, from weightlifting to gymnastics, all of which heavily rely on the strength and stability of your hands and wrists. The repetitive gripping, swinging, and barbell work can lead to discomfort, calluses, and even more severe injuries if proper precautions are not taken.

Investing in high-quality CrossFit grips/gloves or hand protection is not merely a luxury but an absolute necessity. These specialized gear options provide a crucial barrier between your hands and the rough, abrasive surfaces you encounter during workouts. They offer protection against friction and prevent blisters, tears, and painful calluses that can hinder your performance and impede progress.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore a wide array of options available for CrossFit grips, gloves, or hand protection. We'll delve into the key features to consider, such as material, fit, durability, and grip strength. Whether you're an experienced CrossFit athlete or just starting your fitness journey, this guide aims to provide you with the necessary information to make an informed decision. Read on to know more.


What are CrossFit Grips?

CrossFit grips serve a vital function in the world of fitness, offering numerous benefits to athletes engaging in high-intensity CrossFit workouts. This specialized piece of gear has been designed to enhance grip strength, protect the hands, and prevent injuries commonly associated with intense functional training:

CrossFit Grips are designed to protect your hands
CrossFit Grips are designed to protect your hands


5 Benefits Of Wearing CrossFit Grips

1. Protection Against Calluses & Blisters

2. Enhanced Grip & Control During Workouts

3. Injury Prevention & Joint Stability

4. Extended Training Sessions & Reduced Hand Fatigue

5. Versatility


Different Types Of CrossFit Hand Grips Available In The Market

There is an array of different hand grips / wraps / gloves available in the market. The most common "grips" are what we refer to below as "palm protectors". These palm protectors come in 3 different forms - "2-finger holes", "3-finger holes", or "no fingers". Keep scrolling down to learn more about the benefits associated with each option.

1. CrossFit "Grips" AKA Palm Protectors (Most Popular)

Palm protectors are the most popular form of hand protection for CrossFit enthusiasts and are specifically designed to shield the palms from abrasions, tears, and calluses that may occur during vigorous CrossFit training. Crafted with durable materials, these grips provide an extra layer of protection without compromising your grip strength. Palm protectors often feature a fingerless design, allowing for increased tactile sensitivity and dexterity.

Key Features

  • Tough and resilient materials for long-lasting durability

  • Strategic padding to absorb impact and reduce hand fatigue

  • Open-finger design for improved grip and natural hand movement

  • Secure closures to ensure a snug and adjustable fit

Should I buy 2-hole, 3-hole or no-hole CrossFit grips?

Just like any purchase, this is going to be personal preference however our recommendation would be to go with a extra-large 3-hole grip. This will allow you to put your hands through the holes if preferred, or could also allow you to use them as a no-hole option:

  • 2-hole CrossFit grips: these are reasonable however can be quite uncomfortable as they may not sit nicely across your entire hand

  • 3-hole grips: typically allow better coverage of your hand and have an increased comfort level. They're great for new CrossFit athletes who are trying to get the hand of grips.

  • No-hole grips: This option is becoming increasingly popular and is a great option for more advanced athletes. These grips are typically longer in nature and require less mucking around with in between reps. They may not be as comfortable as 2-hole or 3-hole grips, though.


2. Fingerless Gloves For CrossFit (Suitable for Beginners)

Fingerless gloves are a popular choice for CrossFit beginners seeking a balance between hand protection and maximum mobility. These gloves offer coverage for the palms and back of the hand while leaving the fingers exposed for improved tactile sensation and grip. Designed with reinforced areas, such as the palm and thumb, fingerless gloves provide optimal grip strength and abrasion resistance.

Fingerless gloves will protect beginners hands from ripping on the bar & barbells however they won't allow you to complete more advanced movements like kipping pull-ups, toes to bar & muscle ups across a long duration of time.

Key Features

  • Enhanced grip through textured or silicone-padded palms

  • Breathable materials to prevent overheating and sweating

  • Flexible closures for a secure and personalized fit

  • Versatile usage for a wide range of CrossFit exercises

CrossFit fingerless gloves
Fingerless gloves are suitable for beginners


3. CrossFit Tape Grip (Strong, but impractical)

Tape grips, also known as gymnastic grips, involve using athletic tape to create a protective layer between the hands and equipment. This DIY approach allows for a highly customizable grip tailored to individual preferences. Tape grips offer a minimalistic design that provides sufficient protection while maintaining a natural feel during movements.

The only downside to tape grip is that it is not reusable. This means that CrossFit athletes have to re-apply this grip every time / day they need to do a workout. As such, it is not a very popular choice considering they may need to tape their hands every day, or even on multiple occasions daily.

Key Features

  • Customizable fit and thickness based on personal preference

  • Secure grip without sacrificing tactile feedback

  • Cost-effective alternative to pre-made grips

  • Allows for quick adjustments and replacements as needed

CrossFit tape grip
CrossFit tape grip; strong but impractical


4. CrossFit Hand Wraps (Least Common Choice)

Whilst hand wraps are a suitable form of hand protection, they are rarely chosen by CrossFit enthusiasts. These flexible strips of fabric are designed to provide enhanced wrist support, stability, and protection during intense workouts. By securely wrapping around the wrists and hands, hand wraps offer a customizable level of tightness to suit individual needs.

Key Features

  • Adjustable compression for personalized support

  • Reinforced wrist stability for heavy lifts and dynamic movements

  • Breathable and moisture-wicking materials for comfort

  • Versatile usage for various workouts and exercises

Cotton hand wraps - CrossFit
Hand Wraps are not a common choice in CrossFit


Factors To Consider Before Buying CrossFit Grips

1. Material & Durability

Synthetic Materials

2. Grip Design & Fit

Full Hand Coverage (3-hole grips)
Partial Hand Coverage (2-hole grips)
Wrist Support

3. Sizing & Comfort

Proper Sizing Guidelines
Breathability & Moisture-Wicking Properties

4. Ease of Use & Maintenance

Quick-Fastening Systems
Cleaning & Care Instructions


CrossFit Grips For Beginners: Key Considerations

When starting your CrossFit journey, it's essential to choose grips that support your beginner-level needs. Look for grips that prioritize comfort, ease of use, and provide adequate protection. Here are some key features to consider:

Padding & Protection
Simplified Design
Adjustable Straps


CrossFit Grips For Intermediate To Advanced Athletes: Key Considerations

As you progress in your CrossFit journey and tackle more challenging workouts, your grip needs may evolve. Consider the following features when selecting grips for intermediate to advanced levels:

Enhanced Grip Support
Wrist Support
Reinforced Durability


Top CrossFit Grips Recommendations

When it comes to selecting the best CrossFit grips, it's important to consider grips from reputable brands that have a proven track record in the fitness industry. Additionally, customer reviews and ratings provide valuable insights into the performance and durability of the grips. Here are five top picks for CrossFit grips that combine quality, functionality, and customer satisfaction:

Embracing the spirit of innovation and functionality, Bear KompleX has established itself as a frontrunner in the fitness industry, and its 3-Hole Hand Grips exemplify its commitment to excellence. Constructed from a high-grade blend of synthetic materials, these grips boast a cleverly designed three-hole configuration that optimizes finger flexibility and ensures ample ventilation.

Material: Synthetic material blend

Key Features:

  • Three-hole design for maximum finger flexibility and ventilation

  • Velcro wrist strap for easy adjustment and secure fit

  • Reinforced stitching for added durability

Key Benefits:

  • Offers excellent palm protection and prevents tears during high-intensity workouts

  • Ideal for gymnastics, kettlebell swings, and Olympic weightlifting

  • Highly praised by users for its comfortable fit and long-lasting performance


WOD&DONE has revolutionized the CrossFit grip game with their innovative Customizable Hand Grips, making them a sought-after choice among fitness enthusiasts. These grips allow you to trim them to your preferred size, ensuring a perfect fit. Crafted from a high-quality synthetic material blend, they offer exceptional durability and flexibility.


Material: High-quality synthetic material blend

Key Features:

  • The customizable design allows trimming to preferred size for a perfect fit

  • Crafted from durable and flexible synthetic material blend

  • Textured surface enhances grip and prevents slippage

Key Benefits:

  • Exceptional hand protection and tear prevention during intense workouts

  • Versatile grips suitable for various CrossFit exercises and movements

  • Highly acclaimed by users for their customizable feature, reliable performance, and ability to protect against hand tears and abrasions


GymPaws Leather Weightlifting Grips offer a unique take on hand protection and grip support. Made from genuine leather, these compact and versatile grips fit easily in the palm of your hand. Their ergonomic design, featuring four finger loops, provides a secure and comfortable fit.

Brand: GymPaws

Material: Genuine leather

Key Features:

  • Constructed from high-quality, genuine leather for superior durability and comfort

  • Compact and versatile design that fits snugly in the palm of your hand

  • Equipped with four finger loops for a secure and ergonomic fit during workouts

Key Benefits:

  • Provides exceptional palm protection, shielding against calluses and blisters

  • Improves grip and control, enabling athletes to lift heavier weights with confidence

  • Highly praised by customers for its reliable grip enhancement and long-lasting performance


Enveloping the entire hand and incorporating strategically placed finger holes and integrated wrist support, they provide an unrivaled shield against the rigors of CrossFit exercises. The inclusion of a thumb hook further enhances positioning and grip, earning JerkFit WODies Hand Grips the trust of athletes who value reduced hand fatigue and amplified grip strength across a broad spectrum of movements.

Brand: JerkFit

Material: Neoprene and leather

Key Features:

  • Combined neoprene and leather construction for a balance of comfort and durability

  • Full hand coverage with finger holes and integrated wrist support

  • Thumb hook for secure positioning and improved grip

Key Benefits:

  • Provides superior hand protection for bar work, kettlebell exercises, and rope climbs

  • Designed to lessen hand fatigue and enhance grip strength

  • Highly recommended by athletes for its ergonomic design and versatility


The fingerless design ensures maximum dexterity and allows for a natural grip. With an adjustable hook-and-loop closure, they offer a secure and customizable fit. Athletes praise this glove for their comfortable feel, versatility across various exercises, and reliable grip enhancement.

Brand: Fit Active

Material: Synthetic material blend

Key Features:

  • Crafted from a durable and flexible synthetic material blend

  • Built with a balance of convenience and functionality

  • Fingerless design for maximum dexterity and natural grip

Key Benefits:

  • Offers excellent palm protection during CrossFit workouts

  • Enhances grip strength and prevents slippage

  • Versatile across various exercises and movements


Tips For Cleaning & Maintaining CrossFit Grips/ Gloves/ Hand Protection

It's important to note that your grips will start to feel better the more that you wear them. Don't be alarmed if they feel slippery when you first buy them. Give them time to "mould" to your hands & the respective bars that you are using. Where possible, keep the surface of your grips as clean as possible - this will allow them to mould effetively:

Keep "Grip Surface" clean
Hand Wash Only
Avoid Harsh Chemicals
Avoid Direct Sunlight & Extreme Temperatures
Proper Ventilation


Final Words

This ultimate guide serves as your go-to resource for all things related to CrossFit grips, gloves, and hand protection. From understanding the various types of hand protection available to learn how to choose the perfect gear for your specific needs, you now have the knowledge to make informed decisions.

With right-hand protection, you can confidently tackle challenging workouts, push your limits, and strive for new personal records. Whether you're a seasoned CrossFit athlete or just starting your fitness journey, having reliable hand protection is essential for maximizing your potential and achieving your goals.

So, equip yourself with the tips and insights from this guide, and embark on your CrossFit journey with the confidence that comes from knowing you have the best hand protection to support you every step of the way.

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