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Top 10 CrossFit Moments From 2022

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

As we enter 2023 and a whole new year of CrossFit, we decided to take a quick look back at our top 10 moments from the 2022 CrossFit season.

In our eyes, there were A LOT of highlights this past year as CrossFit Athletes just seem to get better and better in every season, so narrowing it down was hard.

In no particular order…here they are!!

The 6peat by Tia and the 2peat by Justin

Maybe an obvious one, but this definitely deserves a shout out. The King and Queen of CrossFit retained their titles at the 2022 CrossFit Games, and they certainly did it in style. The vibes may have been a little different in the first few days of competition with Tia not being seen in the all important leaders jersey till event six of competition, but the goat did what the goat does best and she stormed home to take her crown in the end. Justin on the other hand surprisingly didn’t actually walk away with any individual event wins throughout the week, showing us that to be the Fittest Man on Earth you really just have to be good at everything and place well in every event...easy right?

Mallory O’Brien Became The Youngest Athlete To Ever Stand On The Podium

Mal has very quickly become a crowd favourite since moving on from the teen division to join the big dogs. In her first year of competing in the open division she was awarded 'Rookie of the Year' and seeing her stand atop that podium with a second place finish just one year later may have put a bit of a tear in our eye. This finish made her the youngest athlete EVER to stand on the podium at the CrossFit Games. We can not wait to see what her future holds. Will 2023 be her year for the Crown?

We certainly would put money on her!

The Brooke Wells Comeback

The 2021 CrossFit season ended in tragedy for the now seven times Games competitor Brooke Wells when she dislocated her elbow in the 1RM Snatch event. Since then, Brooke has fought her way back to the top in every way possible, adding the icing on the cake by becoming the fifth Fittest Women on Earth at the 2022 CrossFit Games.

I think the emotion in the photo below says it all. We may have shed a tear with her…

The Burj Khalifa Challenge

The Opening event of the 2022 Dubai Fitness Championship, saw athletes racing to the top of the tallest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa. Pretty cool right? I’m sure the athletes didn’t quite think so at the time, but looking back it must be a pretty cool memory to say you’ve run to the top of such an iconic building. For anyone who missed it, athletes had to conquer 2909 stairs to get to the top. We’re panting just thinking about it. Alex Kotoulas took out the win for the men’s division with a time of 30:37 and Jamie Simmonds won the female division with a time of 32:10.

The Capitol Event - Enough Said

Following the departure of Dave Castro as head programmer of the CrossFit Games, Adrian Bozman had his work cut out for him to make his mark on the programming of the 2022 CrossFit Games season. His mark was well and truly made after event no: 5, 'The Capital', which we're sure erased any doubt left that he was the right man to take over the role. With athletes pig flipping in the stadium, running through the city of Madison, carrying heavy Jerry Bags through the streets and ending on a Husafell carry up the steps to the Capitol Building, the event had EVERYTHING and it became a fast fan and athlete favourite. Five times Games athlete Laura Horvath said "I think this was the coolest event of the CrossFit Games I've ever done. It was so cool".

The moment captured below from this event is a true testament to the spirit of the CrossFit Games and the community that gets behind these athletes. Rebecca Fuselier was last to finish the event, but she fought through to climb the very last step to the Capitol with the city of Madison behind her.


Ricky Garard Launched His Epic Comeback

Love him or hate him - his comeback was epic!

Following a four year CrossFit suspension after failing a drug test at the 2017 Games, the Australian King Ricky Garard made the decision to turn his career around and come back to do it properly. In an Instagram post following the Games he wrote, "It’s been 5 long years since then and through the darkest days the only thing that kept me going was the goal of one day having a chance to make amends of that and redeem myself. To compete again at the CrossFit Games and to do it the right way". His debut back on the competition floor was electric, coming away with a third place on the podium, ironically the place that was taken off him in 2017 due to the positive drug test.

In the end, we think he's gutsy, he's a fierce competitor and he's back and better than ever... we LOVE to see it.

Rich Froning Proved He Is A CrossFit King Winning His 10th Title

The Man, the myth, the legend that is Rich Froning and his now 10 CrossFit titles (4 individual and 6 team). That has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? It was hotly anticipated that this would be Froning’s last appearance in the Team division if he won his tenth crown with his team, and boy did they do just that! Mayhem got off to an uncharacteristic ‘slow’ start (by their standards at least), but event after event they solidified their rightful place in the leaders jersey’s and put on the show we have all come to expect from them. They won the final seven events of the competition (yes you read that right), setting the record for the most consecutive team event wins.

I think they earned a very long rest after that...

Following the Games, Froning did end up confirming his retirement from the Team Division at the CrossFit Games, however eluded to the fact that he might be interested in competing in the Masters Division. We're certainly holding our breaths on that one because we are definitely not sick of seeing him dominate the competition floor just yet!

Roman Khrennikov FINALLY Got To Compete In Person At The CrossFit Games

The Big Friendly Giant, Roman Khrennikov made his first in person debut at the CrossFit Games in 2022. Roman had qualified for three years straight yet had been unable to attend due to visa issues and boy was it worth the wait.

Roman became a quick crowd favourite as he finally had his chance to shine in front of a crowd at the Games. He dominated events and punched two event wins and ten top ten finishes. Ultimately this earned him a second place podium finish, and he shared this special moment with his new born son (who he only got to meet for the first time at the CrossFit Games). I mean if that's not a fairytale weekend, we don't know what is.

Miles To Madison

CrossFit launched the ‘Miles to Madison’, documentary series in 2021 and it was back for another round in 2022. It gave us 12 episodes of juicy insight into what CrossFit athletes around the world get up to in their training, downtime, off-season, competition season and their everyday lives. While we all know and love them on the competition floor, we love catching a glimpse into how these individuals work to try and become the Fittest on Earth!

Here's hoping to a 2023 version!

6 Time Reigning CrossFit Queen Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr is pregnant!

To top off an already phenomenal year of CrossFit, Tia and Shane left us all with the best new year’s news imaginable with the announcement that they are pregnant. While this means her journey to seven CrossFit titles has now been put on hold, we couldn’t be more ecstatic for them. What a future for these absolute legends!

If you’ve been living under a rock, you can watch them share their news here:

We can't to see more of their journey!

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