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The 2023 CrossFit Quarterfinals are Over. What's Next?

Over the past week we saw CrossFit athletes around the world taking on the five CrossFit quarterfinal workouts, in the hopes of making it to the next stage of competition, the CrossFit Semifinals.

If you missed any of the action in the quarterfinals, you can catch up on what went down here.

So What are the CrossFit Semifinals?

The CrossFit semifinals are the next stage of competition after the quarterfinals and are the last stage of competition to qualify for the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games in Madison. In other words, they are a pretty big deal. They are also a phenomenal opportunity to get behind athletes in your gym who make it to this stage and cheer them on in person at their semifinal.

When and Where are the CrossFit Semifinals?

The 2023 CrossFit Semifinals will take place between May 18th - June 4th. around the world. These competitions will take place in person for individuals and teams and online for the age group divisions. There are seven different regions where athletes will compete their semifinal and this is based on their country of citizenship. Once athletes and teams actually qualify for this stage, they will be told exactly which semifinal they will be a part of upon registering.

CrossFit will host three Semifinals in the North America East, North America West, and Europe regions and partner with event organizers to host the remaining four in Asia, South America, Africa, and Oceania.

How many athletes get to the CrossFit Semifinals?

The number of athletes that make it through to the Semifinals differs per region. For individuals and age groups, a minimum of 30 athletes in each region will be able to qualify and for Teams, a minimum of 20 teams per region will be able to qualify.

The tables below give you the full rundown on how many qualifying spots are up for grabs in each region in each category of competition.

Individual Qualifying Numbers:

Teams Qualifying Numbers:

Age Groups Qualifying Numbers:

So What Comes After the CrossFit Semifinals?

The Semifinals will determine which athletes, teams and teens book their ticket to Madison Wisconsin this summer. Who this will be is still very much up for debate (despite their being some obvious candidates).

CrossFit HQ has just officially released the number of individual qualifying spots per semifinal, based on both a minimum numbers of guaranteed spots per semifinal and additional spots based on the worldwide rankings (more on that below). The map below shows how many individual spots are up for grabs in each continent.

For our Team Division we have:



NA East




NA West




South America






Last, but not least, the wonderful age groups (teen) division will have 10 qualifying spots per age group.

More on the Worldwide Ranking System...

New this season, CrossFit has introduced a worldwide ranking system. Throughout the CrossFit Games season, Athletes will earn points based on their performances in competition. The previous two years of an athlete's performance in the Open, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Games will be used to calculate their ranking. The better you perform, the more points you earn.

For the semifinals this year, the worldwide ranking system has been used to determine the total number of qualifying spots for individual athletes at each Semifinal region. Highly competitive regions have been awarded more qualifying spots for the Games based on the rankings of the qualifying athletes after Quarterfinals.

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