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Spotlight On: CrossFit Athlete Paige Powers

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

If you're quite new to CrossFit, you might know the name Paige Powers from her recent 2nd place finish in the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Open.

If you've been around the CrossFit world for while now and you've slowly become hooked on watching other competitions that take place in the offseason of CrossFit, you might know her name from when she took out 1st place at the 2023 Wodapalooza in Miami this past January.

Or, if you're a long-term CrossFit junkie, you've probably been following her since her first CrossFit Games appearance back in 2018 when she took out 3rd place in the 14-15 yr girls division...a place she came back and re-claimed at the 2019 Games in the 16-17 yr girls division.

It's been a steady climb to the top for Paige, and at only 20 years old, her future in CrossFit is BRIGHT!

So who is Paige Powers?

Paige Powers is a professional CrossFit athlete from the United States. She lives in Cookeville Tennessee and trains full-time at CrossFit Mayhem (more on them below). At only 20 years old, her CrossFit career so far has been short, but magical.

What CrossFit gym does Paige Powers train at?

Paige currently trains at CrossFit Mayhem in Cookeville Tennessee, USA. Mayhem is owned by none other than the most decorated man in CrossFit history - Rich Froning. Rich won the title of Fittest Man on Earth four times over his stellar career and went on to take out the teams division six him 10 gold medals to brag about. Rich started Mayhem back in 2009 in his father's barn. Fast forward about fourteen years and a few expansions later and you have an affiliate producing star after star in the CrossFit world. Paige trains side by side with the likes of Guilherme Malheiros, Tyler Christophel and Baylee Rayl just to name a few.

If you're interested in what Paige does in her training day to become the superstar she is, have a watch of the below!

What places has Paige Powers come at the CrossFit Games?

Paige's first CrossFit Games appearance came in 2018 in the 14-15 year girls division. After placing 18th in the CrossFit Open that year, she went on to place 3rd overall at the Games that summer.

In 2019 she came back to claim her place on the podium with another overall 3rd place finish. This was after she blitzed the Open taking 2nd place in the 16-17 girls division.

In 2022, Paige made the Games for the first time in the elite division following a 2nd place finish at the Atlas semi-finals which punched her ticket to the Games. In her debut outside the teen division, Paige claimed 25th spot among a sea of veteran athletes. We'd say that's a pretty incredible result.

All CrossFit Competition highlights for Paige Powers

Beyond the CrossFit Games, Paige has had a wealth of competition experience, with some pretty impressive placings at her young age.


Final Ranking

2023: CrossFit Open


2023: Wodapalooza


2022: CrossFit Games


2022: Atlas Games


2022: Quarterfinals


2022: CrossFit Open


2022: Wodapalooza


2021: Granite Games


2021: Individual Quarterfinals


2021: CrossFit Open


2020: Strength in Depth


2020: CrossFit Mayhem Classic


2020: CrossFit Open


2019: CrossFit Games

3rd (16-17 girls)

2019: CrossFit Open

2nd (16-17 girls)

2018: CrossFit Games

3rd (14-15 girls)

2018: CrossFit Open

18th (14-15 girls)

Year after year, Paige continues to improve and is now finding her feet in the elite division among star athletes with much more experience than her. After taking out Wodapalooza this year though, we can't wait to watch what else her future holds. Paige summed it up pretty well herself following her win saying:

“This is the first time I feel like I found my confidence in the elite division. I just haven’t felt worthy for the past two years I have been in it, but now I really feel like I can hang with everyone. I think this weekend was so much more about me finding my confidence back again after being in the teenage division,”.

The CrossFit world better watch out!

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