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HWPO - What's it all about?

The letters HWPO, standing for 'Hard Work Pays Off' have become a mantra around the CrossFit world in recent years, featuring on t-shirts, bags and other apparel and it's all because of one man - five time Fittest Man on Earth, Matt Fraser!

What is HWPO?

If you thought the HWPO t-shirts you saw around your box were just another apparel brand - we're here to tell you that there's a lot more to it than that.

When Fraser retired from his competitive CrossFit days after winning his fifth consecutive CrossFit Games title in 2020, he moved into the world of coaching CrossFit rather than competing, and out of that was born his training program 'HWPO'. Fraser launched this in 2021 with the name reflecting his personal mantra that you have to consistently work harder than everyone else if you want to be better than them.

"It's not just about effort. It's also about the consistency with which you make that effort"

What are the Benefits of HWPO?

Personalised Training Program

Before singing up to a HWPO programming option (detailed below), athletes are asked to complete a survey about their training requirements/needs. This helps the athlete to understand which training program would best meet their fitness capacity and goals.

Train from Anywhere, Anytime

Access to Some of the Best Coaches and Athletes

What Training Programs are Available with HWPO?

HWPO offers a large range of programming options dependent on what type of athlete you are and what you want to get out of your training! These are listed below and can also be found here:


  • Built on the same principles of the original HWPO program with cycles based on percentages, scaling and modifying but tailored to fit the busy athlete.

  • In and out of the gym in 60 minutes for 4-6 days each week.

  • The daily structure includes an intentional warmup, one focused strength piece and rowing OR a daily metcon. Concludes with accessory and core combined.

Equipment needs: equivalent to a well-fitted home gym or actual gym (barbell & plates, dumbbells and kettlebells, a cardio machine, squat rack and pull up bar).





Which CrossFit Athletes Train with HWPO?

When HWPO launched, one of the first big names to make the change and join Fraser was the young sensation Mal O'Brien. Mal shone at the 2022 Games after spending the season training with Matt, gaining her first individual podium spot outside the teen division and walking away with a second place finish. Jayson Hopper on the individual men's side had also trained with Fraser for the 2022 season and came away with a 7th overall place finish, beating his previous year position by 12 spots (17th overall in 2021).

As the 2023 season soon rolled around, it was anticipated that a bigger number of athletes would make the decision to join Fraser and his winning methods, and that's exactly what we saw. Another four big names in the CrossFit world have now joined the HWPO programming including:

  • Mal O’Brien: 2nd Fittest Woman on Earth

  • Jayson Hopper: 7th Fittest Man on Earth

  • Thuri Helgadottir: 22nd Fittest Woman on Earth

  • Katrin Davidsdottir: 2015 and 2016 Fittest Woman on Earth

  • Amanda Barnhart: 14th Fittest Woman on Earth

  • Sam Kwant: 4th Fittest Man on Earth

The 2023 season is clearly shaping up to be a very exciting competition. With changes to programming and coaching such as the above and a few key big names out for the year due to pregnancies and injuries - the stage is wide open to see who will take the podium and most importantly who will be the 2023 King and Queen of fitness.

If you're looking to change up your programming and like the sound of HWPO - you can take the survey to find your personalised program here:

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