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CrossFit Slang; What You Need To Know Before Starting CrossFit!

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

The CrossFit vocabulary can be quite confusing when you're starting out. You’ll be training in a ‘box’, doing ‘AMRAP’s’, and ‘TTB’ on a ‘rig’, all whilst hearing about the upcoming ‘open’ workouts and what ‘NOBULL’ merch people are going to buy.

To make things a little easier for you when starting out, we’ve listed some of the key terms/acronyms you will come to hear during our classes.

CrossFit slang

What does Box mean in CrossFit?

Box refers to the gym in which you train is typically referred to as a "box". CrossFit boxes are generally pretty small in nature and rectangular in shape, hence the name "box".

What does AMRAP stand for?

As many rounds as possible within a prescribed time. For example, AMRAP10 would be "as many rounds as possible" within 10 minutes.

What is an EMOM?

Complete a prescribed movement every minute, on the minute. For example, a 20-min EMOM would mean that you'd have to complete a new movement every minute, for 20 minutes in total.

What is a WOD?

Workout of the day; generally a 10-20 minute workout focused on building your aerobic capacity via a mixture of weights and cardio.

What does RX stand for in CrossFit?

RX is effectively short hand for the term 'as prescribed'. If you complete the workout or movement as "RX", you have completed it as prescribed. Each workout will usually provide an "RX weight" or "RX movement standard" which should be followed if you are capable of doing so.

What does Scaled mean in CrossFit?

Scaled means that you have modified the RX movement to suit your capability, or movement needs. The great thing about CrossFit is that anyone can completed a "scaled" version of any workout. For example, if you are unable to do TTB (see below), you may scale this movement to sit-ups.

What is a TTB?

TTB stands for "Toes To Bar". It is a gymnastics movement whereby you must swing on the bar and attempt to kick the pull-up bar with your feet. Check this video out to learn more.

What is a KBS?

KBS stands for Kettle Bell Swing. This is another common CrossFit movement whereby you need to swing a kettlebell (see video) to a certain height. Russian KBS require you to swing the kettlebell to eye-level, whereas American KBS require you to swing the kettlebell overhead.

What is a C2B?

C2B stands for "Chest to Bar". It is a more advanced variation of a pull-up (see video). In a C2B, a successful rep requires you to hit your chest (between collarbone and sternum) onto the bar whilst completing a pull-up.

What is a S2OH?

S2OH stands for "Shoulder to overhead". This acronym is commonly used when referring to a CrossFit WOD which requires the athlete to move an object from their shoulders to above their head. You may also see G2OH which means "Ground to overhead"; a very similar movement requiring the athlete to move an object from the ground to overhead.

What is a C&J?

C&J stands for "Clean & Jerk". It is a well-known Olympic lift whereby the athlete needs to clean the barbell from the ground to their shoulders, and then jerk the barbell overhead. Check out this video to see the movement.

What is a Rep?

A rep is a single movement of a particular movement. Generally, you will be asked to complete XX amount of reps. For example, complete 5 reps of a back squat.

What are Sets?

A set is the number of rounds that you are required to complete. For example, you may be asked to complete 5 sets of 4 reps. In this example, you would be doing 20 total reps, but split into 5 sets. You generally have an allotted break between sets to allow your body to recover.

What is a 1RM in CrossFit?

1RM stands for 1 rep max. This term is generally used for weights and aims to identify the heaviest weight you can lift for a particular movement. For example, your 1RM for bench press would be the heaviest possible weight you could bench press.

What is a MetCon in CrossFit?

MetCon stands for Metabolic Conditioning and is a fancy way of saying "fitness" or "cardio". This term is often used interchangeably with "WOD" in CrossFit and generally explains the cardio element of a CrossFit class.

What is a Rig in CrossFit?

A rig is the training frame within the gym where you generally complete pull-ups, TTB and weighted bar movements. An example of a CrossFit rig can be found here.

What does AHAP mean in CrossFit?

AHAP stands for "As Heavy As Possible". There may be instances where a weight is not prescribed in the workout. In this instance, you will be required to go AHAP!

What is a HSPU in CrossFit?

HSPU stands for "Handstand Push Up". This is a common CrossFit movement whereby the athlete gets upside down into a handstand position and begins to push up. HSPU can be completed as a "strict" movement (no kipping) or as a "kipping" movement (usage of legs).

What does KIPPING mean in CrossFit?

In CrossFit, kipping is a way of swinging your body to gain momentum as you complete a particular movement. It is most commonly used to generate momentum when doing pull-ups, C2B, RMU or HSPU.

What is a RMU in CrossFit?

RMU stands for Ring Muscle Up. This is an advanced gymnastics movement whereby the athlete completes a pull-up on a set of rings, and transitions this pull-up into a dip. For a better explanation, watch this video. Athletes will often complete this movement on a bar, known as a bar muscle up, or "BMU" for short.

What is a HERO WOD?

A Hero WOD is a tribute to a fallen first responder or member of the military who died while serving honorably in the line of duty. They are designed to test you physically and mentally in memory of the individual that they were named after. Some common examples of Hero WODs are Annie, Cindy & Murph.

What is the CrossFit Open?

The CrossFit open is a series of workouts for CrossFitters around the world to compete in at their own gym, with the goal of making it through to the next rounds of competitions to ultimately make it to the CrossFit Games. These workouts are standardised across the world, allowing you to compare yourself with everyone else.

What is the CrossFit Games?

The CrossFit Games is an annual competition to find the fittest male and female CrossFit athlete in the world. There are different divisions however the open male & female events generally take the 40 fittest athletes from across the world and allow them to compete across 4 days, ultimately crowning the "fittest man / woman on earth" at the end.

Who are NOBULL?

NOBULL is a popular fitness brand and is the official sponsor of the CrossFit Games.

What does TOUCH AND GO mean in CrossFit?

Touch and Go refers to an instance where an athlete will repeatedly move a barbell without letting go. For example, an athlete may be required to complete 20 power cleans in a workout. The athlete would "touch and go" this workout if they completed the 20 power cleans consecutively without releasing the bar with their hands.

What is a THRUSTER in CrossFit?

A thruster is a movement where you hold a barbell, squat to parallel and then push the barbell above your head, all in one movement.

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