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The CrossFit Open - Everything You Need To Know!

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

The CrossFit Open gives us the chance to compete with one another and demonstrate our fitness while also allowing us to evaluate how we stack up against other CrossFitters globally.

How Long Is The CrossFit Open?

The CrossFit Open is a three-week international tournament that gives every athlete the chance to participate in workouts that are both challenging for even the best athletes and specifically created for the average CrossFitter. From 14 to 86 years old, more than 272,000 competitors join up for the Open.

For most athletes, the CrossFit Open is not about progressing to the games. It just acts as an assessment to determine your progress and your areas of strength and weakness.

Being involved in the CrossFit open is thrilling and enjoyable. There is a distinct buzz and energy in your CrossFit box, with workout heats usually set up every Friday & Saturday for you to attend. We get tingles down our spine just thinking about the atmosphere surrounding the CrossFit open!

How Does The CrossFit Open Work? posts a new workout every Thursday night (US time) along with movement guidelines, scorecards, and an instructional video. You will then be given four days to finish the workout. You generally complete the workout at your CrossFit gym however you can also record it at home and provide a link as proof.

Athletes have till Monday at 8 p.m. EST to submit their scores online. One of the nicest aspects of the Open is that the "whiteboard" spreads from your usual box to the whole CrossFit community, allowing you to see how you rank in relation to every competitor across the globe.

  • Week 1: The first Open workout is generally a high intensity, low skill workout also known as “grunt work”. It is likely an AMRAP (as many reps as possible) with movements that everybody can complete i.e. wallballs & rowing.

  • Week 2: The second Open workout is generally higher skill. It usually involves a combination of a barbell and some form of gymnastics - handstand pushups, wall walks or pull-ups.

  • Week 3: The third Open workout usually “separates the boys from the men”. The skill generally increases as the workout progresses which starts to delineate the advanced athletes from others. It is not uncommon for muscle ups & a barbell with increasing weights to be included in week 3.

PS, there is a $20 entry charge, but it is money well spent.

CrossFit Open Dates 2023

The CrossFit Open will run from February 16 - March 6, 2023.

There will be 3 workouts, released every Thursday night. You will have until Monday to complete each workout and submit your score.

CrossFit Open Scaled Options

The CrossFit Open is for everybody! Whether you’re a beginner or advanced athlete, there will be a workout catered to your capabilities.

Individual RX

This category is for individuals who can complete all CrossFit movements. In order to enter this division, you should comfortably be able to do pull-ups, chest-to-bar, double unders and handstand push-ups.

Individual scaled

This category is for individuals who may not be able to complete all CrossFit movements yet.

There is a scaling option for everybody as CrossFit is strongly focused on creating an inclusive environment.

Unfortunately, there is no opportunity for this category to move on in the Games qualification process.

Age groups

There are a number of different age groups that sit outside of Individual RX. These age groups are focused on creating competition for younger & older athletes.

  • Teenagers (Men & Women)

    • 14-15

    • 16-17

  • Masters (Men & Women)

    • 35-39

    • 40-44

    • 45-49

    • 50-54

    • 55-59

    • 60-64

    • 65+

Adaptive Division

The CrossFit Open contains 16 adaptive divisions for both men & women athletes:

  • Adaptive: Upper Extremity

  • Adaptive: Lower Extremity

  • Adaptive: Neuromuscular

  • Adaptive: Vision

  • Adaptive: Seated Athletes With Hip Function

  • Adaptive: Seated Athletes Without Hip Function

  • Men and Women Adaptive: Short Stature

  • Men and Women Adaptive: Intellectual


The CrossFit Open also allows team entries. A team is comprised of 4 athletes (2 female & 2 male). Separate "team" workouts are created for these athletes.

CrossFit Open Equipment List

The equipment list for the CrossFit open will vary depending on the year however there is usually some staple equipment that you should expect. As a general rule, running is excluded from Open workouts due to difficulties in being able to map out running tracks!

The equipment list for the 2022 CrossFit Open can be found below (RX version only):

  • Dumbbell (M/F) - 1 x 50lb / 35lb

  • Barbell (M/F) - 1 x 45lb / 35lb

  • Bumper Plates

  • Jump Rope

  • Plyo Box (M/F) - 24inch / 20inch

  • Pull-Up Bar

  • Wall Space (usually used for wall walks / handstand push-ups)

Notice how there was no cardio equipment 👆. Crazy!!

How To Progress From The CrossFit Open Stage

The Open benefits athletes in many different ways and is open to everyone. The average athlete considers the CrossFit Open to be a stand-alone annual undertaking that goes for three weeks. However, advanced athletes use the Open as their first opportunity to potentially get to the CrossFit gamers. See below for the progression from the CrossFit Open to additional stages:

The CrossFit Open

Every year, the Open attracts hundreds of thousands of competitors! Everyone should take part, and anybody can!

CrossFit Quarterfinals

You qualify to the Quarterfinals if you are in the top 10 percent of finishers within the Open globally. Unfortunately, this only applies to "RX" athletes. There are no "scaled" Quarterfinals however there is Age groups & Adaptive divisions!

CrossFit Semifinals*

The best teams and competitors from the Quarterfinals move on to participate live in semifinal competitions throughout the world. The number of people who qualify for the Semifinals depends on the region that you attend.

CrossFit Semi-Finals: North America

The top 120 individuals and 80 teams from Quarterfinals continue to Semi-finals. These athletes have the choice to compete at a number of different Semi-Finals; Syndicate Crown, Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge, Granite Games, CrossFit Atlas Games.

CrossFit Semi-Finals: Europe

The top 60 individuals and 40 teams from Quarterfinals continue to Semi-finals. These athletes have the choice to compete at two different semi-finals; CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown & CrossFit Strength In Depth.

CrossFit Semi-Finals: Oceania

The top 30 individuals and 20 teams continue to Semi-finals. These athletes have the choice to compete at one semi-final; the Torian Pro.

CrossFit Semi-Finals: Asia

The top 30 individuals and 20 teams continue to Semi-finals. These athletes have the choice to compete at one semi-final; Far East Throwdown.

CrossFit Semi-Finals: South America

The top 30 individuals and 20 teams continue to Semi-finals. These athletes have the choice to compete at one semi-final; CrossFit Copa Sur.

*This structure is expected to slightly change for 2023. Once the new structure is finalised, we will update this article.

CrossFit Games

The top 40 men, 40 women, 240 masters athletes, 80 teenage athletes, and 40 teams compete in their respective divisions at the CrossFit games. The winner of each division will be crowned the “fittest on earth”.

Should I Register For The CrossFit Open?

Yes! Below are FOUR reasons why you should register for the CrossFit Open:

  1. You have already invested a significant amount of time, money, and effort into being healthy through your regular CrossFit sessions and courses. Don't pass up the chance to assess your development and any areas where you might need to improve.

  2. You can make it a trial against yourself even if you're not interested in competing with others. Now is the moment to establish objectives and achieve them. It's extremely satisfying for competitors who take part in the Open every year to watch their overall rating improve.

  3. Without a question, being a member of the CrossFit community is a lot of fun right now. You'll see increased participation, a boost in attendance, and more individuals than ever discussing exercise strategies and encouraging one another.

  4. It unites the community. When you learn that someone else does CrossFit, you have an instant connection. We all perform identical workouts for these three weeks, so you can talk to any CrossFitter about their Open experience.

5 Tips To Prepare For The CrossFit Open

  1. Food: Eating a great meal before a competition will improve your performance, regardless of whether you attend the early morning class. You'll be put to the test both emotionally and physically throughout these exercises, so fuel up 60 to 90 minutes beforehand with some protein and carbohydrates. Try to carb load 3 days prior to the event as well.

  2. Sleep: Getting enough sleep is crucial during the Open season. Make an effort to get 8 hours each night, especially the 2 nights before your workout.

  3. Preparation: Before going to class, review the exercise and the criteria, and have a strategy for the option you're selecting, whether it be scaled or RX. Set challenging but attainable goals for yourself to work toward.

  4. De-load: Reduce your exercises in the weeks preceding up to competition day so you can compete at your highest level because the Open is designed to be a genuine test of your physical capabilities. While we still advise attending to class during the week, be careful not to overdo it so you can arrive Friday ready and rested.

  5. Stretch: To be able to perform at your best for five weeks in a row, mobility is essential. If you often put off stretching and mobilising, this is the perfect opportunity to set aside some additional time after class or at home to concentrate on mobility.

Trust us, you won't regret entering the CrossFit Open. You will push your body to extremes that you've never done before and will feel great afterwards!

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